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There are many wood floor cleaning companies out there that simply don’t obtain the know-how to clean hardwood floors professionally, and at the same time very quickly. Carpet Cleaning Columbus Ohio certainly does, and the following are just a few of many reasons why you can trust us to handle all of your hardwood floor cleaning requirements:

  • We are a team of specialized experts when it comes to making sure hardwood floors look clean, shiny and like new after we’re done with them.
  • We help homeowners to extend the longevity of their hardwood floors, so by utilizing our cleaning and finishing methods we can help you save a ton of money in terms of repairs or even eventual replacements.
  • We utilize a series of advanced cleaning methods, even as compared to the rest of the professional field. We make sure to thoroughly remove any kind of embedded debris and dirt that become deeply lodged into hardwood floors, which can create erosion.
  • We provide a cutting edge, protective finish for our clients so your floors will have a streak-free shine that’s as clean as when they were brand new!

Our Custom Process

Debris Removal

The first part of our hardwood floor cleaning process is always to remove any type of debris from your floors. Although we know that many of our clients will clean their floors for us prior to our arrival, it’s important to us to do a thorough look around and sweeping so we can get rid of every large piece of debris or dirt that is stuck to or simply on your hardwood floors.

Also during this time we are going to start preparing our state-of-the-art equipment that is specifically tailored to wood floor cleaning, and this is partly where our teamwork comes in to provide consistent efficiency so we’re always multi-tasking from the time we arrive at your home.

Scrubbing Process

Our intensive floor treatment and wood floor care is part of what we’re known for throughout the Columbus, Ohio area, and that’s because our equipment attacks tough dirt very aggressively while still being gentle on hardwood floors. The cleaning equipment utilizes a cylindrical action, which loosens up embedded residue and dirt that DIY hardwood floor cleaning solutions simply can’t get to. Another great aspect of our cleaning equipment is that it automatically will extract the cleaning solution from the floors, so it’s always a safe way to clean hard wood while also maintaining a quick drying period.

There’s no doubt about it that Carpet Cleaning Columbus Ohio’s wood floor cleaning services goes far and beyond any kind of at-home floor cleaning can ever accomplish. This is because our equipment and methods don’t simply clean the surface of wood floors like most products and systems do.

We are able to get to hidden dirt that is lodged deep within the hardwood boards and extract all of it, and then dry and clean your floor’s surface before applying a top coat that will ensure a brilliant and lasting shine.

Intricate Hand Cleaning

Our technicians are all specially trained to notice when it’s necessary to clean hard to reach corners and edges by hand. We are always equipped with a unique microfiber cloth that helps us capture any kind of remaining debris and surface dirt after our initial scrub.

Second Scrubbing

This second scrub is part of what helps set us apart from our competition, and that’s because during this part of the process we are going to utilize our cutting edge equipment to sweep through the area one last time to make sure we truly aren’t leaving any residue or dirt behind. It’s a precautionary part of the process, but it goes a long way.

Applying the Top Coat

When we apply the top coat to your hardwood floors we are going to ensure they are absolutely spotless and free of any kind of residue. Another great part of this is that once we’ve done this there will be absolutely no need for sanding at all. This professional finish is great on so many levels because it has a great aesthetic, matte look to it and will also have a streak-free shine.

There’s no doubt about it that this is what it takes to protect your hardwood floors for years and even decades to come!

How to Prepare for Your Appointment

For the most part we will require everything being off the floors that are to be cleaned, and we’ll ask you to remove any kind of breakables or other special items from your furniture that we’ll be moving prior to our arrival. It’s also important to have a space prepared for us to place the furniture that is to be moved. We can always clean around some large and heavy pieces of furniture, but it’s important to understand that there will be a difference in appearance between the cleaned and uncleaned floors if you ever decide to move those furniture pieces.

We will also roll up and remove any area rugs, and what’s important for homeowners to know here is that you shouldn’t replace the area rugs for at least 10 days after the cleaning is finished, but we can of course always help you with cleaning your area rugs during this time as well!


It’s also important to know that all pets should be away from the cleaned area for at least 2 hours once the process has been completed, and no one should even walk on the treated floors for at least 2 hours after we’re done as well. We understand that it’s an inconvenience, which is why it’s always voluntary, but we do recommend you give the floors about 24 hours before walking on them after the cleaning process.

We highly suggest that you let the cleaning specialists know about any areas of concern you have during your inspection, or at least prior to cleaning. This way we can make sure we are maximizing our efforts and are on the same page in terms of any problem areas. This will also include informing the specialists about any kind of installation problems or issues with your hardwood floors, which is important because it will require extra precautions taken by us.

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