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Pet Stain Removal

Sometimes Your Dog Isn’t Best Friends With Your Carpet

We understand how your dog is a member of your family and that he or she means well, but of course accidents will happen to even the best of us and it can have a detrimental affect on your carpet. That’s why it’s great that you have pet stain removal on your side, and we’re here to help you out with all of your pet’s accidents.

We will utilize our expert technicians who understand the magnitude and complexity pet stains and odors can have on your carpets and throughout your entire home to really clean out the problem for good as opposed to just hiding it.


Don’t Mask Pet Smells/Stains, Remove It For Good!


A lot of carpet cleaning companies will only give you basic deodorizing and carpet cleaning services, and this might help out a little bit with pet stains and odors, but the odor will come back later on. Don’t let yourself get in this type of situation where you are repeatedly looking for someone to actually remove pet odor from your carpet and home as opposed to temporarily hiding it.

This type of situation doesn’t happen when you hire Carpet Cleaning Columbus Ohio, and we offer a whole array of pet stain removal services for carpets and other types of fabrics as well. We can provide basic treatments that are less expensive, and we can also go full on in terms of deep flooding extractions and even jobs like carpet pad replacements.

But we’ll be able to create a customized cleaning plan just for you and your home no matter what exactly your home needs or your budget.


Your Carpet Is Much More Than A Floor Covering

Your carpet is always going to be a great spot to lie down and watch TV or play with your kids. It’s a floor covering that also adds necessary warmth to your living areas, and so we fully understand how pet stains and odor can make this nice spot on your home’s floor less desirable. That’s exactly why we are here to provide carpet cleaning services that are specifically designed for pet stain and odor removal.

DIY pet stain removal can help with certain issues, but for the most part it doesn’t fully solve your problems. When you look up this type of DIY cleaning process you’ll be flooded with Pinterest articles and other DIY solutions that unfortunately won’t get the job done completely. We hear from so many clients who have tried over and over again to get pet stains and odor out of their carpet, but they simply can’t get the odor to fully go away for good.

Why Professional Pet Odor Removal Is Necessary

Almost every time a pet will have an accident on a carpet it’s going to go deep through the carpet fibers, which can then go through the backing of the carpet too. At this point the stain and odor will reach the carpet pad, and there are instances in which pet urine can get to the subfloor too.

Pet urine and odor must be extracted through the use of powerful, professional equipment if it is to be fully neutralized. You will not be able to keep the stain from coming back or eliminate the odor without the use of this type of equipment and professional expertise. This type of job entails so much more than just carpet cleaning, and many times it will entail cleaning and sanitizing the carpet, pad and subfloor.

How We Handle Pet Odor And Urine Removal

We utilize a three-stage process to pet-specific cleaning jobs, and this approach is full proof in terms of being capable of completely removing pet stains and odor from all types of carpets and other upholstery. We will utilize some of the most cutting edge technology in the industry to neutralize pet odors and efficiently clean your carpets. We go so much further than any type of basic surface cleaning and get to the very source of the odor in order to neutralize it and get your home free of foul pet smells.

Stage 1: Pre-Spray, Hot Water Extraction

This part of the process can actually do the trick for some of the pet stain removal jobs we encounter on a regular basis, and this is because surface stains that don’t have a whole lot of liquid will respond well to this step. Some examples of these jobs will be small dog urine removal, dog poop removal, pet vomit removal and much more.

The following are the steps that are taken within this stage:


  1. The first thing we’ll do is apply a pre-spray to the area that is specifically for pet stain removals. The pre-spray is also used as a pet odor neutralizer, and we’ll let this pre-spray sit for about 10 minutes.

2. The next step is to use our carpet cleaning machine that is mounted to one of our trucks to perform an entire hot water extraction (steam clean) to your carpet or specific pet stained area. We do this so we can eliminate and rinse all of the pet stain odor and color particulates from the carpet.

3. The last part of this stage is to utilize a follow up treatment onto the carpet to make sure that every last bit of the stain has been fully removed and all odors are completely eliminated.

Stage 2: Rinsing and Flooding

This is a stage that we will end up utilizing when we encounter some more advanced pet stain and odor removal jobs. This can mean a large dog’s pee stain on a carpet, or any pet that repeatedly has accidents in the same area. For more serious pet stain removal jobs we will take things to the next level through the following:

1. We will utilize a Water Claw, which is a tool that floods a specific area with a pet odor neutralizer and extracts the stench. When we use this process it typically will require multiple flooding and rinsing cycles to fully eliminate the odor. By doing this cycle we can ensure we are removing a maximum amount of material from the carpet and the carpet pad.

2. After this step in this particular stage we will repeat the process in stage 1.



Stage 3: Kilz Treatment and Replacement of Carpet Pad
This stage is typically only used for the more intense pet stain and odor removal jobs, and this will be when the carpet pad may need to be replaced and the subfloor may need to be treated in order to fully eliminate a pet odor. The following are the steps we take within this cleaning stage:

1. We will pull back your carpet and end up thoroughly cleaning both sides of it.

2. Then we’ll cut out the pet urine saturated area of the carpet pad and replace it with a whole new piece of carpet padding.

3. We will ensure that all of the necessary areas are treated with special cleaning solutions and odor neutralizers.

4. If it is absolutely necessary we will utilize the Kilz Treatment to the subfloor, which will seal any kind of pet odor from urine. This usually is not something that is needed for dog pee removal, but it is often necessary when removing cat pee stains and odors.

5. The last part of this stage is to let the carpet fully dry and then reinstall it into your flooring. We’ll make sure that we are stretching and tucking the carpet in a professional manner so it looks brand new.

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