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Although you might not think to hire someone to clean your hardwood floors, the reality is that sweeping and mopping are not enough to keep those showcase floors in their best condition. Our deep cleaning hardwood floor services remove the dirt and grime that settles into the grain and spaces of your floor, making it look dingy and worn. State of the art technology lifts the ground in dirt out of the unseen spaces of your floor, leaving behind a truly clean surface. The application of a professional grade wood cleaner then seals and protects your hardwoods, revitalizing the look and feel of your floors while also extending their lifespan. The entire cleaning process is quick, low-odor, and non-toxic and can be done in the same appointment as many of our other home maintenance services.

Hardwood floors need special care to really preserve their unique look. They can be very easily damaged by day to day activities like moving furniture, walking on them with the wrong kind of shoes, or accidental dings and scratches. Unnoticed spills can cause warping and staining. Even the humidity level in your home can negatively impact these floors by causing them to shrink, swell, crack, or just dry out. By investing in our professional grade hardwood floor cleaning surfaces once every six months to a year, you will be able to mitigate some of that daily wear and tear, maintaining that spectacular hardwood glow for years to come.


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