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Pet Stain Removal

At Carpet Cleaning Columbus Ohio, we understand that your pet is a beloved and valued member of your family. However, the odors and stains they can often leave behind are a little less treasured. Whether it is the lingering odor of wet dog or a slightly orange stain from a wayward ball of hair, it has to be acknowledged that owning pets can have a lasting impact on the state of your home.

When the smells and stains add up, turning to a professional is often your best bet. Hiring our team to address those trouble spots created by your four legged friends means that you can keep both your pet and your showcase home. Our team will happily examine any problem areas created by your pets and develop a plan to address those stubborn stains and marks. Our top of the line technology gets deep into the fabric of your rugs, carpets, and upholstery to pull out the offending stain and restore your home to its pre-pet days. Every pet stain session can be scheduled at the same time as most of our other cleaning services, and includes:

  • A detailed examination and record of the trouble spots
  • A careful and thorough working of the affected area
  • A final check in order to ensure above average results
  • The use of nontoxic methods and products that keep your home safe for all of the members of your family
  • Our quick and hassle free scheduling and prompt arrival
  • Low prices that make investing in your home more than worth the cost

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