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Types of Carpet Cleaning Methods We Use

The overall durability of a carpet cleaning is going to depend upon the quality of cleaning and maintenance that is performed, and when you regularly clean your carpets correctly you are going to be able to extend the carpet’s aesthetic qualities for many years to come.

Of course all homeowners are going to be the first people who need to consider their own carpet’s maintenance, which includes vacuuming on a routine basis and reacting to spills and stains very quickly. All spills and stains are much easier to extract from a carpet when you address it immediately, and always make sure you are blotting the carpet and don’t try to scrub it.

But we of all people fully understand that even the most refined homeowners are going to require professional carpet cleaning help so that their carpet’s overall beauty can be maintained for the long term. For Carpet Cleaners Columbus Ohio, there are quite a few strategies that we utilize, including the following:


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Hot Water Extraction

Hot water extraction carpet cleaning is also referred to as steam cleaning, and this is because it will entail the carpet cleaning machine injecting detergent and hot water deep into the fibers of a carpet prior to a very powerful vacuuming of the water, detergent and debris through a suction system. These are very intricate systems that for the most part are portable, but some of them can be mounted to trucks as well.

Truck-mounted hot water extraction systems provide very powerful vacuum strength, which is why it’s believed throughout the industry that these systems can offer the best results. These truck-mounted systems are capable of recovering about 95% of all the water that is used throughout the carpet cleaning process, which is great in terms of drying time. A lot of the portable units are utilized for specific clients and services for office buildings and high-rise apartments in which truck-mounted units aren’t usable.

Some of the pros of hot water extraction carpet cleaning include that it’s recommended by all carpet manufacturers and professional cleaners throughout the industry, and the heat that’s used in this process does a great job at killing any type of fungi or bacteria that can thrive while lodged deep in your carpet.

Some of the cons of this type of carpet cleaning can be that over wetting can occur with less experienced technicians, and this leftover moisture can potentially lead to mold growth in high humidity climates. Also another con is that it always takes a long time to dry out carpets when using this method, about 12-14 hours.

Carpet Cleaning

Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

This is also referred to as dry carpet cleaning, and it predominately relies upon an elaborate combination of dry compounds and certain cleaning methods that essentially will ensure that the drying time after our work is done goes by faster.

The Low Moisture Carpet Cleaners Association (LMCCA) defines these methods as any carpet cleaning procedures that allow for carpet fibers to naturally and completely dry in two hours or less.


The only ways to really have that short of a drying period is to use less moisture, all sorts of absorbent techniques, very highly efficient vacuums that can extract most if not all water from a carpet, and the use of air movers to help lower the overall humidity in an area where cleaning has occurred.

There are three types of low moisture carpet cleaning that we utilize, including the following:

Dry Foam

This technique entails a cleaning foam that is typically sprayed over an entire carpeted area, which is then scrubbed or brushed with a cleaning machine. What will happen is that the dirt that’s lodged in the carpet will become attracted to the foam, so when the foam is vacuumed the dirt will be carried through the vacuum as well. Afterwards the carpet will dry almost immediately.

Dry Powder

This is a cleaning technique in which a dry powder is mixed together with just a little bit of cleaning solution and then sprinkled all across a carpeted area. The mixture is then scrubbed very thoroughly before it’s allowed to rest and absorb the dirt that’s deep in the carpet fibers. After the waiting period is over the dry material is vacuumed up, and the carpet will be left completely dry.


This is a method in which a cleaning solution and club soda are mixed together and then thoroughly misted on to a carpeted area. Then a bonnet, or buffer pad, is used to scrub the carpet surface. The bonnet will collect a lot of dirt throughout this process, so it’s important to rinse or replace it quite a lot during this type of cleaning treatment. After this is all completed the drying period should only be about 2-3 hours.

Low Moisture Pros & Cons

Some of the pros to this cleaning method are that there is no drying time, it’s relatively less expensive than hot water extraction, and it helps conserve water.

The cons to low moisture carpet cleaning are that many of these techniques will not get to the lower fibers of a carpet, so it’s sometimes considered to be more of an interim method. Also, many carpets that are very badly stained will not be thoroughly cleaned when someone utilizes low moisture cleaning methods.


This carpet cleaning technique will use foam encapsulations made of synthetic detergents that will crystallize when it’s dry into a powder texture. So when you spray the foam on a carpeted area the dirt particles in the fibers will become encapsulated into the powder, and then ultimately vacuumed or brushed away.

This is a great carpet cleaning technique if you want to remain environmentally friendly, predominately because you’ll end up leaving behind a lot less chemical residue as compared to carpet shampooing.

The drawback to encapsulation techniques is that the technology won’t necessarily allow for thoroughly cleaning areas with very pesky stains.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Shampooing

This is somewhat of an outdated carpet cleaning technique, but when it comes to some very deep, pesky stains it’s still an effective method.

The main drawback with shampooing a carpet is that it takes a long time to dry.

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