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Did you know that the air duct system in an average home can collect up to 40 pounds of dirt, dust, and allergens every year? All of those billions of particles then circulate in the air of your home every time that the air conditioning or heating system turns on, affecting your breathing and overall health. This build up also affects your energy bills, as the compromised air flow in your home makes your system less efficient, costing more to operate. Instead of wheezing your way through a needlessly expensive life, hire us to clean out your ventilation system. With a thorough vacuuming using our state of the art technology, the air in your home can be clean and healthy for another year.

The trained team members who complete our air ventilation cleaning service will take their time to make sure that they are addressing all of the nooks and crannies of your ventilation system, leaving no place for the dirt, bacteria, and allergens to hide. The undesirable mess in your home will then be efficiently removed, leaving behind a healthier and more energy efficient space. We even go so far as to clean the vents covering your duct work, helping your home to look and feel cleaner than before.

At Carpet Cleaning Columbus Ohio your health is important to us. Investing in an annual cleaning of your air ventilation system will ultimately improve both your economic and bodily health, allowing you the freedom to keep your house at the temperature you want without any negative side effects.


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