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Carpet Cleaning Columbus Ohio was originally established in 1999 right here in Columbus. We’ve been proud to raise our families here in Columbus, and to thrive within a vibrant, local community. Our team of fully certified carpet cleaners has helped serve countless homeowners, commercial office buildings, and other commercial real estate throughout the Columbus area, and we don’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon.

Our mission is to provide all our clients with the same type of high quality experience we’ve received through other companies in the community, and to continue to set ourselves apart as much more than just another pop-up cleaning company through community engagement. The precedent for business conduct is high in an amazing city like Columbus, and we love being close to our clients.


Why Choose Carpet Cleaning Columbus Ohio?

We offer an entire array of cleaning services that goes far beyond carpet cleaning to include cleaning tasks for area rugs, air ducts, upholstery, ceramic tile and all types of commercial cleaning.

All of our cleaning services will include certified green cleaning products, which assures the safest and most environmentally-friendly products are being utilized within your home.

We are also an owner-operator type of business, which means that the people you talk to on the phone are also going to be the same technicians who do the work within your home. A lot of other cleaning companies will hire inexperienced technicians on a commission basis, with improper incentives towards high-pressure sales while working with clients in their homes. We don’t do this, and you can feel 100% comfortable knowing that we will provide you the safest and very best cleaning possible.

We also utilize the most cutting edge technology within the industry, and our technicians are specifically trained in a whole variety of fields to ensure the best customer experience possible.

Carpet Warranties Are Our Thing

Warranted carpets must be cleaned on a regular basis by a certified carpet cleaning company. These warranties typically state that the carpet must be cleaned within every 18 months. We are fully certified to cover all of the industry’s warranties, which makes us one of the very best warranty-certified carpet cleaning services within the Columbus area.

What Does Being Certified Mean?

There is a lot of professional education that goes into carpet cleaning, which is always needed in terms of helping individuals know how to properly clean every type of carpet they come across on the job. Training and other educational strategies are completely necessary when it comes to obtaining certification so clients aren’t putting themselves at any risks when it comes to the sanctity of their carpets and their warranties.

Every member of our team is fully certified, which means they have passed all the necessary carpet cleaning certification courses before joining our team. We also require all of our technicians to enroll in continued education courses and pass exams on a yearly basis to maintain their certification.

About Our Equipment

The overall quality of the carpet cleaning equipment always makes a huge difference, and our truck-mounted steam cleaning systems have a tremendous amount of extraction power that makes removing all dirty water from deep in your carpet fibers much easier. The high suction from our equipment also helps carpets dry much faster.

We’ve also made sure that our entire cleaning process is suitable for family members who may have certain types of allergies. By using the best green cleaning products on the market we are able to improve the overall quality of your home’s air. These cleaning products are also safe for all pets and children.

We thoroughly rinse all upholstery and carpets after cleaning, which ensures all cleaning residue is completely removed. Our entire process is certified to provide the safest way to lengthen the lifetime of your carpets.

Don't trust the carpets in your home or business to just any company. Choose Carpet Cleaning Columbus Ohio for the best possible experience from start to finish.

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What Other Are Saying

They did a great job with the carpet in the bedroom and living room. Would recommend his services again. I really appreciate their work.

-Peter W.

Great company. When I was moving out of a summer apartment I was renting while going through some summer training regimens, I called these guys, and I was 100% satisfied with the service they gave! I had a few stains on the carpet that I needed to remove before I moved out, and the landlord was happy that I left it clean, actually cleaner than the carpet was before. Would use again!

Dave F.

A shout out to Carpet Cleaning Columbus Ohio, My mom has an apartment complex here in Columbus and was having a hard time finding a reputable carpet cleaning outfit now that her former guy has retired. She had a couple of other outfits come in & did not live up to my mom's standards, so I found this crew & what a job they did. She has found a new company that will be getting her business from this point forward.

Chester M.

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Carpet Cleaning Columbus Ohio is your best source for the highest service in carpet cleaning. We will get your carpets and wood floors looking like new!

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